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Trusted Sites and Their Guidelines

Valuebux: Get paid instantly with Valuebux (within seconds of request), vb post most recent payments (automatically) on the vb home page as proof of payouts, Paypal verified as well, Payalert is an option, $5. minimum pay out, 1 cent to 1.5 cent per click, 0.5 cent to 1 cent per referral, helpful and friendly staff.

Buxgs: Nearing 100,000 members with the highest most consistent payouts, bux.gs is paying .015 per click and .01 per referral click, Yes verified by Paypal, 6 refreshing ads a day, thorough referral turn around program and adv just over a buck per un-referred members. Alertpay is
also an option.

BuxP: Buxp is not only known for their concrete structure, great PTC program and fast server, but they also have one of the cheapest URL/Banner advertising systems on the web, serves about 30+ ads a day, pays $0.001-$0.005 per ad, just over a buck is their minimum payout, Paypal&PayAlert ready.

Buxto: All international countries accepted. Despite popular roomers, this site does pay, payments isn't as instant as other sites, but does pay. This site has about 20-30 ads a day, ads are swift (not the normal 30 seconds, more like 30 count), It pays 1 cent per click and 1 cent per referral, referrals packages available, minimum payout has recently increased to $50., but you accumulate it fast, pays through AlertPay.

NEOBUX: Neobux is one of the best (if not the best) PTC site on the market today due to the unique and extremely low cost unrefereed member rent and recycling program! Verified by Paypal, 1-2 cents per click, 1-2 cents per referral, $2. minimum payout, payment is instant, unrefereed member renting is merely cents; cheapest on the net. Also pays through AlertPay. [Note to those swapping referrals, this link is purely for the sole perpose of assisting those renting unrefereed members]

Here is a list of other PTC Sites that pay & have low minimum payout plans:

Clicksia - $1.00 payout min
Goobux - $3.00 payout min
First5Clicks- $1.00 payout min
My PTC Clicks - $1.00 payout min
Half Penny Clicks - $1.00 payout min

New to PTC Sites?

Some links may be added periodically, so bookmark us in your favorites and visit us from time to time. If you have any suggestion, questions, need referrals or would like to contact us for any reason, please email us; we would love to hear from you.


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